11. Aug, 2017

Writing a BLOG is like "Working out Loud" ...

In a discussion early this week I heard about John Stepper's Working Out Loud approach:

"Working Out Loud is an approach to building relationships that can help you in some way. It’s a practice that combines conventional wisdom about relationships with modern ways to reach and engage people.

When you Work Out Loud, you feel good and empowered at the same time, because the practice taps into your intrinsic needs for autonomy, mastery, and purpose. As people across an organization Work Out Loud, work becomes more effective and fulfilling, and the culture becomes more open and collaborative." -- see                                   http://workingoutloud.com/about/ 

In the same mindset I am sharing my thoughts, experiences, ideas and plans with you by writing my regular BLOG, my way of Working Out Loud 🙂.

I am improving "My new business" pages (in English and German language) regularly and add content, when available. Just today I did add a section about free personality tests and links for some learning type assessments. Have a look, if you are interested 👍.

Besides that I am extending my XING and LinkedIn networks with potential candidates and talents for the positions I am currently staffing. Just yesterday evening I passed a 1st milestone, when I got a CV in my inbox. More to come and scheduled in the pipeline for next week.

To properly kick off the weekend, some interesting material to look at:

You should invest in a business that even a fool can run, because someday a fool will. —Warren Buffett