13. Aug, 2017

Summary of the week fifty three (*) highlights ...

As mentioned last week I will be counting the week numbers backwards for my regular summary during the coming year. So we are down to 53 now.

In the last weeks I am seeing a growing interest in my BLOG, the weekly average is above 550 readers now. Thanks a lot guys and very much appreciated. I will do my best to offer varied content on a regular basis and many different interesting topics for you. If you like, you can make use of the Guestbook and/or Comment field functionality, to propose even more themes 😉. All on a voluntary basis by the way, please don't feel any pressure.   

This week I did get the final confirmation from the government labor office that they will support my new business with their founder grant. Great news and a lot of appreciation for my business case and all the work I did put into selling my business idea to them.

In my personal mindset of lifelong learning and getting up to speed quickly in new areas of work or interest, I will be participating in the one day Rock Your Recruiting workshop in Berlin on 31-Aug-17 (https://twitter.com/Rock_Recruiting and https://hr-marketing.index.de/rock-your-recruiting/, sorry only in German language). Will be great to see Martin Gaedt in action again, as he is really an expert in transforming books or theoretical approaches/ideas into a 3D real life experience 👍.

With respect to my two right placement assignments - Currently looking for a Senior BI Professional Oracle in Duesseldorf (Germany) and a Business Consultant Financial Services in Frankfurt a.M. (Germany) - I still see that we are in the summer holiday period, because I do have 96 unconfirmed contact requests in XING in the moment. Hopefully this is getting better in the coming weeks with more traffic and faster response. If you have somebody in your family, a colleague or a friend, who might be a potential fit, please let me know. Thanks in advance.

Anyway I like changing chairs at the table (from job seeking to recruiting) very much and it is really a great feeling to help people to be successful. Be it on the customer (the searching companies) or candidate (potential talents for a new assignment) side.

Wish you all an interesting and satisfactory next week, be positive and motivated 🤩:

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'! Audrey Hepburn