20. Aug, 2017

My week fifty two (*) summary ...

A busy week, but still too quiet on the candidate side as the response rate to my invitation could be much better. Anyway I found three potential candidates, two might be a good fit for other positions of the right placement company I am working with (not for the two I am currently staffing), and the third one did not meet all requirements to make it to the next round - final introduction to the recruiting customer.

Besides that I am aligning my approach with the constraints of XING and LinkeIn with respect to contacting potential talents - # of mails you can send per day and # of open contact requests you are allowed to have. As alternative I am looking into other platforms like Opportunity and Stepstone and make use of the advanced Google search capabilities.

Next week will be even more busy. I talk to my former outplacement company about opportunities to help them with respect to sharing my experience and knowledge, and maybe some digital transformation coaching? I will do a test run at the school of my daughter for the App Camps (https://appcamps.de/mission_english/) tool usage before the next school year starts in two weeks. Could be a voluntary work assignment for me, to train girls in programming on a regular basis. And finally the 2nd job interview at the end of the week for the government position to be staffed by February 2018. 

All interesting stuff. For my daugther it will be an interesting week as well, as the long waiting time for the start of the Gamescom in Cologne (http://www.gamescom-cologne.com/gamescom/index-9.php) will be finally over now. She will go there Thursday with some of her friends and a teacher, to see what the fantastic world - The Heart and Soul of Gaming - is offering 2017, and to possibly see/meet some of the Youtube stars, who will be around there as well. Youtube stars, channels and videos, a challenging area for parents, difficult to understand and follow - from a language, content and sense perspective. I assume this is a standard generation gap that we had with our parents as well, just for another topic 🙂 or area of interest.

BUT in the mindset of lifelong learning and being open for new stuff, no argument to not get closer to this environment and get some basic understanding of the drivers and key figures, the idols of our kids. And as my mother, being 80+, is regularly reading my BLOG - asking questions and giving feedback - this Youtube story will go beyond three generations now. Great new world 😎. Wish you all a great week, staying open for new stuff and influences.

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