23. Aug, 2017

Ready, steady, go ...

Crazy times, just passed the 15,000 👍overall reader number for my BLOG. It took much, much longer to go from 1 to 10k readers than from 10k to 15k now. Thanks for being my regular reader, I hope you still enjoy, what you get? 

Today I got my first business cards for my own company. Another milestone and a very positive feeling, to decide about design and content on your own. I like the card very much and my wife and daughters are positive as well. Sometimes very hard to pass the family internal control system 🙂, but good to have them as they are not shy of feedback and always bring another opinion and point of view to the table. Always supporting and with a positive mindset. The result speaks for itself.

The discussion with my outplacement company on Monday did go pretty smoothly. We covered a lot of points and ideas in 90 minutes and it was great to get the opportunity to talk to the higher management level. Will be interesting to see, how we can proceed together. I got the chance to post my current two open positions on their internal job board for all their Germany wide client base, what is great and will extend my current reach. As outplacement advisor I do not have the right education and past experience, but with respect to the Digital Transformation topic and offering some workshops there might be opportunities and common interests midterm. We will see.    

Yesterday I did check the proper installation of the App Camps tool at the school of my daugther with a teacher who was already back from summer holidays. The initial setup was not 100% correct and needs some further adjustment and fine tuning. Always difficult, when the responsible IT team of the city has too much work and too less people to handle it all in time. At the beginning of the new school year there are just to many requests from all schools in the city with respect to installing new hardware and opening new student accounts. So we will have to wait for some more weeks, until the environment is ready for a first test and dry run with selected students.

The education Ministry in Germany is planning to spend several billion Euro for the digital transformation of schools, but the main focus is still on bandwidth and hardware only. BUT without enough and well educated IT guys, to get this initially installed and up and running, we will not see real results and improvements short-term. What a shame.

The two most powerful warriors are patience and time. Leo Tolstoy