27. Aug, 2017

The week fifty one (*) highlights.

Another busy week with finding the right talents, besides participating in several webinars to get up to speed quickly in some new topics. And on top of that preparing and having several meetings and interviews as already mentioned.  

Next week more webinars, still finding the right fit for my Oracle Consulting position and on Wednesday I will see my outplacement advisor again. Will be interesting to share the stories and happenings from the last month. The same day the kids have to go back to school after 6 weeks summer holidays, will be good for the whole family to go back to the standard routine again, getting up earlier and going to bed earlier 😉.

And the highlight for the coming week, the Rock Your Recruiting workshop with Martin Gaedt in Berlin, in the Dark Horse location (http://www.thedarkhorse.de/index-en.html). This will be great and I am very much looking forward to it.

Best wishes for your next week and have a successful time. Below some interesting material to look at, if you have time and are interested:

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