1. Sep, 2017

Rock Your Recruiting ...

Yesterday was my personal highlight of this week, when I had the opportunity to meet Martin Gaedt (http://martingaedt.de/) again, this time in a one day workshop  around "Rock Your Recruiting" at The Dark Horse Berlin site (http://www.thedarkhorse.de/index-en.html). With the help of my selected airline and the in time delivery of the Berlin public transport system, I was able to make it from my Home town via Duesseldorf airport to the Berlin event location just with a 5 minute delay.

From the 6th minute onward Martin was in his element around idea finding and generation and took us through a fully packed day.

"If you want to light others, you have to burn first." Anonymous - Martin did definitely burn a lot.

He offered a good mix of theory, best practices, a nearly endless number of good and bad examples, some acting inserts and practice - practice - practice, alone or in groups.

Based on his ROCK YOUR IDEA book and concept he did follow one of his basic principles - don't just copy & paste, you better copy & transfer - and did put a dedicated Rock Your Recruiting program together for his workshop audience. In the audience we had 5 women and myself. In contrast to e.g. Engineering and Software development, Human Resource related topics still see a majority of women in the work environment. The different education, background and industry affiliation in the room did support another basic principle - put as much as possible different people together in the idea finding and generation process - as always keeping the same people in the "innovation teams" will only result in the ever same ideas!!

If you are interested to experience the same, what I just described, the next one day workshop is scheduled for 13-Oct-17, in Berlin again (see https://hr-marketing.index.de/rock-your-recruiting/).

For my international audience two offers, I will translate some key principles in English and did search for some English language idea finding and generation pages. There are much more and no guarantee for best possible quality, variety and completeness. Have a look, give it a try and stay curious. Let's start with the links:

And now my personal selection of basic principles, key statements and food for thought:

  • "Like every other skill, you have to train ideas fitness regularly (10 minutes/day)
  • Select ingredients - mix - try --> select other ingredients - mix - try --> and so on
  • Do what others have not done yet
  • Ideas need analysis and openness --> A & O
  • If it is not surprising it is not new
  • Don't criticize, improve
  • The initial challenge affects the solution
  • Meet the target group and answer all open questions before you start a brain storming
  • Just say yes to situations that you do not know or cannot assess upfront
  • Through new questions, we realize new things
  • Whenever you have to wait somewhere, ask 44 questions around any selected topic
  • Change from the know-it-all guy to the "asking better questions" kind of guy
  • Questions generate attention, even your own
  • Many innovations fail because of missing courage"
  • and many more ...

"How is a caterpillar becoming a butterfly? 1st task - don't step on the caterpillar" - Martin Gaedt