3. Sep, 2017

My week fifty (*) summary.

A great week fifty (*) full of learning experiences, meeting interesting people and getting a lot of positive feedback and support.

I had an interesting phone call with a candidate who did send me an initiative application. He is in a similar situation like I was before August 2017 and I think I could help him with some positive messages and give him some advice for next possible steps. It is always a good feeling to help people.

On Wednesday I did meet my outplacement consultant again for a recap of the last month and the decisions I have taken in the meantime. Always good to look back and have a detailed discussion, what did happen since we last met. He was very supportive for the approach I have taken and positive for my scheduled next steps and mid-term planning. We will possibly meet again mid of September during the Zukunf Personal 2017 fair in Cologne (http://www.zukunft-personal.de/en/).

The negative highlight of the week was an email from a company on Friday, where I did apply for an IT Leadership position on 10-Jun-17. After 83 days I had to read the following statement:

"Due to the large number of applications we had to make a preselection based on the Application documents. Unfortunately, we can not consider you further in the selection procedure for this position."

What is the small daughter (with 1,200+ employees) of a really large international company doing in 83 days with application documents? Even when I am really nice and subtract 42 days for the 6 weeks summer holiday (my 83 days is from 7 days a week, I am counting all days, not just working days) there are still 41 days left. So we are talking about 6 full working weeks to just read all application documents and make a preselection.

I did exactly ask this question in my answer to the HR lady who signed the rejection email. 83 days after my initial confirmation email for the application I got the rejection with a fairly general statement, nothing specific, nothing individual. I told her that I decided to work as self employed right placement advisor in the meantime and that she should take my feedback not as the response of a frustrated and rejected candidate, BUT as an initial motivation to reflect their recruiting process and their treatment of candidates. 

The above approach is what I would call a Blind Spot of the HR department. They are just not really aware, what they are doing and how this is perceived by their "customers". More about Blind Spots below and possibly as another post next week:

Success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. — Unknown