5. Sep, 2017

Blind Spots everywhere ...

When you take the Anatomy explanation of Blind Spot e.g. https://www.britannica.com/science/blind-spot as your starting point, the transfer to any kind of Personal Blind Spot (psychological, emotional, character, conversational, leadership, etc.) is easy to understand and makes a lot of sense (https://erickson.edu/blog/whats-my-blind-spot). 

Just yesterday I was impacted by a combination of several Blind Spots. In a parkhouse I was driving behind a SUV that was searching for a large enough parking space. Suddenly the car was driving backwards and the driver did just not realize that I was standing behind with my car waiting. Before I could drive backwards as well to keep the distance or sound the horn, the SUV touched my car. Why do these kind of cars have distance control, a rearview mirror and a lot of other electrical/electronical gimmicks, when nobody is listening to or using them? As there was only minor harm we could manage the issue easily.

Before the accident I had my first customer visit, kind of key account manager activity. We had a really good conversation and did agree the top priority positions for the coming weeks. Based on this I could restart my candidate and talent searching activities in XING, LinkedIn and myOpportunity after some cleanup tasks today.

I am currently looking to staff several JAVA and Oracle APEX developer/consulting/architect positions in Duesseldorf and Hamburg. Plus a Manager IT Consulting role in Freiburg (all Germany). Fluent German is a prerequisite. If you are interested or have a colleague, friend or family member who might be interested, please get in contact with me. Thanks a lot in advance.

Besides that some interesting links I found in the last days:

And to close for today another staffing request from Jurgen Appelo for his latest development activity - AGILITY SCALES https://agilityscales.typeform.com/to/PK2FH0 

"I am preparing to expand our team with super-smart people who know how to design, build, or market the Spotify of practices. I want to talk with talented individuals who can create or sell the Netflix of work-life guides. We need expertise and enthusiasm to launch a YouTube of habits."