7. Sep, 2017

The asking 44 questions personal trial ...

You have to train and practice regularly to improve your ideas fitness, as mentioned in my 01-Sep-17 post about the Rock Your Recruiting workshop. Whenever you have some idle time, ask yourself 44 questions about any topic that comes to your mind. For my personal trial today, I will just combine an interesting article that gets shared a lot in the moment and take THE statement out of it, to phrase my questions.

The following article: "In Just 8 Words, Uber's New CEO Gave a Master Class in Leadership. The former Expedia CEO's parting letter to employees bodes very well for the future of Uber."  https://www.inc.com/jessica-stillman/in-just-8-words-ubers-new-ceo-gave-a-masterclass-i.html?cid=search brings me to the following topic as basis for my 44 questions trial:

"I have to tell you I am scared."

  1. Why is the newly appointed Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi scared?
  2. Are we not all scared about something?
  3. What I am most scared about?
  4. Why am I scared about this topic?
  5. Are there solutions or alternatives available?
  6. If there is a solution, why don't I use it?
  7. Is being scared a positive or negative feeling for me?
  8. Am I more careful or alert, when I am scared?
  9. What should I be really scared about in the moment?
  10. Is publicly talking about being scared a strength or a weakness?
  11. What will other people think about me, when I share this in public?
  12. Does this really matter to me?
  13. Do I care about the opinion of other people?
  14. Who are the key influencers for me?
  15. Why is their opinion more valuable for me than the opinon of other people?
  16. Do I select similar influencers, or are they all different?
  17. How much influence do I allow anyway?
  18. Is being self-confident and having several influencers a conflict?
  19. Do I have the same influencers for my private and business life?
  20. Is an influencer something similar as a mentor?
  21. How often do I need some mentoring or guidance, to stay on track?
  22. How do I realize, if I am on the right track?
  23. Why is it so difficult to concentrate and to come up with another 21 questions?
  24. Do questions become better or worth the higher their number is?
  25. Should we all be scared about Digital Transformation?
  26. Are the influences of Digitalisation different in the HR and Recruiting area compared to other industries?
  27. Does it make a difference, if you are closer at the product or the people?
  28. Why are most people scared about Digitalisation and do not see it as a chance for their future?
  29. Will robots be scared sooner or later?
  30. Is being scared something that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be able to handle in the next 5 - 10 years?
  31. Is AI already able to be scared about something?
  32. Will the reaction of AI to being scared be similar to our human reaction?
  33. If AI learns everything from humans the solution concepts should be similar?
  34. If this is a wrong assumption does this lead to an additional risk or can we as humans learn something from AI?
  35. Does being scared tells us something about the empathy level of a person?
  36. What is the average level between empathy and being egoistic or without feelings in Europe?
  37. Do we want more of less from AI?
  38. If we want more, who can train AI to become more empathic?
  39. Does AI need special trainers?
  40. Who will train these trainers?
  41. Are robots able to train themselves?
  42. Will robots with more experience train robots with less or no experience?
  43. Is this already happening?
  44. Should this be scaring us?

What a journey? If you just give yourself 10 minutes for 44 questions, there is not a lot of time to think about something in detail. You just write down, what comes up next. This is one of the strength of this model, just give it a try yourself 😉.

Are there difficulties? Are there complexities? Are there challenges? Absolutely, but that’s also what makes it fun. -- Dara Khosrowshahi