10. Sep, 2017

The week fourty nine (*) highlights ...

If you are still wondering about my week counting? It goes back to my decision on               06-Aug-17 (in the week 54 (*) summary) to count the weeks backwards in the first year of my self-employment. This is why you see the (*) behind the week number.

As already mentioned, I did open a dedicated Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1888236324536271/) for ReThinkandFocus, to just share interesting articles and links with a wide audience on a different channel. If you are not interested in Facebook, don't worry stay with me here in the BLOG. Just in case Facebook is one of your social media platforms, you can visit my group as a new alternative for "interesting" information (according to my personal opinion).

The past week was pretty busy and when I had the final clarification with my customer, which positions to focus on first, I could restart the searching and contacting candidates activity - 100+ people in one week not bad. Besides that some adminstration tasks, like my first month closure for my own company (still sounds strange, but I will get used to it 👍), and marketing related topics that need some more coverage as well now.

Next week my first proposed candidate will have the 1st job interview. Looking forward to the outcome and the feedback of the candidate and the customer afterwards. Besides that two events to visit, one about Change Management concepts in the time of a paradigm shift on Wednesday and the other one is a Recruitment Day in Duesseldorf on Thursday.

And Tuesday evening I will try to get elected in the class of my youngest daughter as the parents representative, to participate in the school committee later on. There is some urgent focus/change required with respect to IT equipment usage and digital transformation strategy in the school, and I think I can bring some new ideas and expertise to the table. So far I was playing an advisor role, but only when you are actively participating in the mentioned committee, you can put some pressure on the school director and the city, to make a change.

Finally one comment to the links I am sharing now and then, what is just an offer from my side without any pressure to read or follow. Due to my current activities I am reading a lot of other blogs and newsletters, I am following different activities and news on XING, LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook and very often find interesting material that fits to the topics I am covering in my BLOG. Due to my customer focused and service oriented mindset, I like caring and sharing and I am pretty sure a lot of other people do not have spare time to dig into all the available information, like I do. So just take it as added value and as we said in our former service teams in the past - No complaint is enough praise for an IT supporter

Have a great and successful week and do not forget to ask yourself questions regularly, possibly not 44 everytime, but start with 22 as example and increase quickly.

My humor is my creativity, and my skepticism is a gift. J. Tillman, American - Musician Born: May 3, 1981