15. Sep, 2017

35th school's out anniversary

Tomorrow evening I will have my 35th school's out anniversary celebration. We are meeting every 5 years for a nice evening with a buffet, some drinks and talks. To recap all the old funny stories and share, what did happen in the last 5 years. The longer the time is over the more positive the school days get and the funnier the stories are, even when you hear them for the 10th time or more 😉. Only disadvantage is that the number of participants is going down, due to holidays or business appointments. This time we are at ~42% of the initial graduates. Will be fun and I am looking forward to it.

My post about the CHANGE concepts event with Ralf Janssen from yesterday was very well received and he was very positive about my framework summary and the translation in English. He did share my post in all his English speaking social media channels and I am seeing the increase of readers on my BLOG today. Very much appreciated.  

Today I had my first business lunch to finally hand over the price - a nice lunch invitation - to the winner of the #10.000 reader incentive for my BLOG. Some of you might remember it? We have been to a nice Greek restaurant and I could combine the lunch with a coaching session. To provide some good advice and offering some alternative ideas and approaches. We will stay in close contact to review the expected improvements.

If you have spare time over the weekend, some interesting material attached for you:

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