17. Sep, 2017

The 35th anniversary recap and my week fourty eight (*) summary.

We left the restaurant together with the last guests at 03.00 AM in the morning. A clear sign that it was a good party, it definitely was 😉. Great planning and preparation work (thanks to my wife for taking care), a nice location, good food and drinks and the same people you have seen 35 years ago and every 5 years since then.

First challenge is to match a name with a face after 35 years, and I personally realized three different groups. The people who look nearly the same as 35 years ago in school, must be there DNA, just luck or some other tricks, but time just passed by and they did not change. Then we have the group with a different hair style, color and overall number of hairs. You are sure you know the face, but you need to adjust it to a 35 years later version. Sometimes easy, sometimes a little bit a challenge. I will not talk about some weight changes as this is not a popular topic 😙. Finally the group of people where you do not have a clue who this could be and how they are related to this anniversary. Even worse when all other people you ask have a similar issue. But in the end we did manage to clarify all identities in a group effort.

Same story happens with the people you are talking to. First group is the ones you are talking to every time anyway and you just start off with the dialog where you did stop the last time. The second group is the ones you are talking to by chance, or when you get involved in a running communication, or when somebody is approaching you. Leads to some interesting and surprising stories. And finally the third group that you did not talk to 35 years ago and all the anniversaries in between. It did not change this time as you just do not find a common ground and there is just not enough time left in 8+ hours. Maybe next time?

In summary everybody who did decide to come was really happy to join the group and had a great time, this is the impression I did get during the evening yesterday and when I follow the Facebook comments afterwards. So we are all looking forward to 2022 for the next anniversary and maybe see some of the guys in between, on purpose or as a coincidence. You never know ...

Besides that I had a busy week and found some new promising candidates for the positions I am currently staffing. Maybe next week I can decide to propose some of them to the hiring company? The first job interview I initiated some time ago did go really well and both sides agreed to meet a 2nd time. Seems to be on a good track.

Yesterday I got the rejection letter for the government position to be staffed in February 2018. As expected I was possibly too different to the profile the staffing committee was looking for. I assume they wanted to play save and did not want to take too much risk. Understandable on the one side, but if you really want to make a change possibly too short-sighted. Anyway no distraction anymore and full focus on my right placement work and own company.

Focus for next week will be three days at the Zukunft Personal 2017 fair in Cologne (http://www.zukunft-personal.de/en/), to get some new ideas, insights and influences for alternative approaches around my right placement work. Will keep you posted.

For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, conflict, argument, debate. Margaret Heffernan, American - Businesswoman Born: 1955