23. Sep, 2017

My personal Zukunft Personal 2017 summary

How do you summarize the great talks, interesting discussions, new impressions and insights from three days into one BLOG post? Just start with the first sentence 😉 and then go to the next one.

On the first day my wife joined me as Assistant to the management. All tickets are personalized with name, company name and job title. The title above best describes her role and what she means to me in making my new company successful. Nothing really works without her and any kind of feedback and a different perspective are always very much appreciated and helpful. Her summary of the first day was just one small sentence - nobody here really cares about the 50+ community - a growing group of talent with a lot of experience and expertise, mostly satisfied with their current life situation and not looking for dramatic changes. Just another job to add value to their new work environment (company, colleagues, content, etc.) and to cover their remaining working time of another ~15 years. Everybody is talking about the War for Talents and the Skills Shortage we are all facing in the industry, but nobody seems to care about you, when you are above 50!! This needs to change for Zukunft Personal 2018 and I mentioned it in my feedback questionnaire.

Besides the great talks that I mentioned in my short daily updates already there was a lot of other stuff to listen to, to look at and to research/explore/investigate. I personally liked the Startup area a lot, as this is a good environment to see how young companies are seeing the world and, what common trends and areas of interest could be.

Let's start with artificial intelligence (AI) and take IBM Watson (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Xcmh1LQB9I) as one of several examples. When you think about AI you always have to find your personal balance between fear and fascination, what might be changing, when you start to directly interact with this technology. Some examples below:

A lot of companies are still coming up in or going into the area of recruiting help. Some new examples below, not all are available in English language, sorry for that:

And finally personality profiling and models, plus lifelong learning offers. There are so many different models to describe a personality and every year there are more. I just selected one as example for all the others. I liked the fresh look and feel of their webpage:

The trend for lifelong learning seems to go towards a platform model as well. A "learning broker" is just offering a smart environment to bring learning content providers together with students, who are looking for some interesting online courses. Just one example, you can get a free course there:

So in summary we are even more moving towards an automated matching between candidates on the one side and the requested company brand, culture, job description, target personality profile and expertise level on the other side. If you feed all this information into an IBM Watson for example, the AI will be able to find the perfect candidate based on their digital footprint in the WWW in seconds. Sounds like Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’?

Another approach is personal recommendation for a position. Seems to be an alternative trend in the moment, guess why 😉? Anyway, as always the truth will be somewhere in between, but we should not forget the 50+ community. This would be a waste of talent.

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