24. Sep, 2017

My week fourty seven (*) highlights.

As the last 5 weeks average reader number per week was 644 and we just passed 18.104 readers in total, I have to start preparing the #20.000 reader celebration now. I am not easily giving up on good ideas, so please just make a screenshot of the counter when it is at 20.000 or above and send it per email to rethinkandfocus@gmail.com - I will contact you to agree on the price. For readers in a range of 50km around my home, we can meet for a lunch or dinner invitation. For readers further away or the international community, I will make use of an Amazon voucher or something comparable. So keep an eye on the counter, it is worth it 😉 👍.

Besides the three days visiting the Zukunft Personal 2017 fair in Cologne (I covered this already in all detail), I spend time on my right placement work as well. My 2nd candidate will have the first phone interview tomorrow and I did introduce a 3rd candidate to the hiring company last Friday. Another two are still in the pipeline, I am expecting their final decision to proceed in the introduction process early next week.

Also next week I will be intensively looking for several Oracle JAVA and APEX developers/consultants/architects by using some "professional recruiting tools". On the fair I agreed with some leading technology companies in this area to test drive their current solutions for a week or two. Will be interesting to see, how much more functionality is provided by these packages as the price per year is in the mid 4-digit Euro range.

Two more activities are planned next week. A one day information sharing event on Wednesday in the Leverkusen stadium (http://www.stadiumguide.com/bayarena/) covering topics like digital transformation, cloud, data management, IT security, etc. and the preparation of a teacher - parents - student workshop in the school of my daughter on Thursday.

Funny side note on the Wednesday event. A friend and mine registered for the event pretty early when the guest list was still empty. Coming closer to the event the guest list was filling up and reaching the maximum capacity range. Suddenly my friend got a call from marketing that he will not be able to join anymore, as his profession (he is a self-employed interim IT and project manager) is not in the key focus of the event anymore. I got an email the same day with some more details about the event and the information that it would be fine, if I bring a colleague or friend to the event. I proposed the name of my friend to be added to the guest list, as he was just taken off by the same guy who contacted me. Interesting marketing strategy and concept, we will bring this up again on Wednesday, sounds like fun 😙.

The mentioned school workshop is the third in a row, to give students, their parents and teachers the chance to work out common projects to support the school's (just founded 4 years ago) day-to-day situation and potential areas for improvement. As my interest is still the improved MINT (STEM) direction and IT strategy of the school, this workshop will be a good platform to initiate activities. In the school committee last Wednesday I was elected as the 1st substitute for the school conference, what is the highest decision making body in the school with equal representation of teachers, parents and students. 

So another busy week coming up. Wish you all a busy time as well and hopefully you can surprise yourself and others with some new ideas? Some starting material below:

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