26. Sep, 2017

Bringing mindfulness, hygge and the digital age together?

Let's start with a simple dictionary explanation, based on http://dictionary.cambridge.org/ 

mindfulness: the practice of being aware of your body, mind, and feelings in the present moment, thought to create a feeling of calm: Mindfulness can be used to alleviate feelings of anxiety and depression.

hygge: a Danish word for a quality of cosiness (= feeling warm, comfortable, and safe) that comes from doing simple things such as lighting candles, baking, or spending time at home with your family: The high season of hygge is Christmas, when Danes don't hold back with the candles and mulled wine.

digital age: the present time, when most information is in a digital form, especially when compared to the time when computers were not used: Investors seem unsure about the long-term future of the music industry in the digital age.

😉 Now he is completely going crazy to bring these different topics together in one post, 🙃 BUT why? In the mindset of copy & transfer, be flexible and open for new ideas.

I mentioned mindfulness in my posts from 01-Mar-17 and 14-Sep-17 already, so we are covered there:

With respect to hygge we are talking about a new "trend" that you can find in a lot of places now:

In the digital age - Everything what can be digital or digitized, will be digital or digitized. Everything what can be connected to the Internet, will be connected. Everything what can be automated, will be automated - if it makes sense or not does not really matter!! 🤭Sounds like another philosophie? I think so.

So the common theme for all three seems to be philosophies 👍.

In my opinion digital transformation is always a combination of technology, processes and people. We do have enough technology available already and aligning the required processes is not the real challenge. Getting people to be motivated, to change and follow the transformation is the key for success. Maybe a little bit more mindfulness and hygge philosophy could be helpful here? What do you think?

Philosophy is common sense with big words. James Madison, American - President March 16, 1751 - June 28, 1836