27. Sep, 2017

Quick summary of the IT event today

Just a small summary of the key messages from the IT event today. The opening speech was coming from Martin Schallbruch (https://www.esmt.org/martin-schallbruch) from the ESMT -  European School of Management and Technology in Berlin. Under the headline of "Who dominates who in the digitization?" he was making a difference between two key areas:

  • Technological Drivers
    • Machine Learning
    • Virtualisation
    • Internet of Things (sensor, actuator, networking - realtime, autonomy, intelligence)
  • Fluctuating basis
    • growing innovation speed
    • insufficient technical quality (e.g. software)
    • exponentially increasing complexity
    • cross-sectoral dependencies (e.g. Smart City)

Every company should be doing the following:

  • concentrate on 3 key areas --> Workplace, Security and Hybrid IT (a combination of internal and external IT services) 
  • have an understanding of their own digital business model
  • have their digital sovereignty under contol (dependencies, security architecture, demand management)

Close to the end of the day the matrix42 (https://www.matrix42.com/en/) CEO Oliver Bendig gave a entertaining presentation about digital transformation. Some key statements below:

  • The workplace is a mobile service that can change in real time
  • You have to understand your customer
  • Unified Endpoint Management and Unified Workspace Management
  • A 360 degree view on the workplace is required to come from silos to a connected work environment
  • The browser will be the new operating system
  • From Science Fiction to Science Fact (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ystdF6jN7hc&t=
  • Alexa, Cortana and Siri will even enter the workplace
  • A workspace chat bot (based on Skype for Business) is currently in beta testing 

 With respect to my yesterday post one more article: