1. Oct, 2017

The short week fourty six (*) summary.

Besides the already covered topics some more details about my other activities of the past week. The "professional recruiting tools" testing is making good progress. One tool is not really worth the effort as far as I can judge it now, but the other one makes much more sense. It is not only focusing on one platform or social network, but on 54 in the moment and this provides a lot of additional entry points to talent communities and alternative approaches for contacts. 10 more days to go for testing, will be interesting.

The preparation meeting of the parents-teacher-student workshop did go really well and I could get my key topics - more focus on the MINT (STEM) direction of the school and improving the IT environment - on the agenda and into the prepartion work of the moderation team. Really looking forward to 14-Oct-17.

Next week two of my candidates will have their next interviews, I will get a new customer account and have another evening event planned about Change Management. Besides that 03-Oct-17 is a bank holiday in Germany (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_Unity_Day). And much more Oracle Java and Apex developers are required, a big challenge as this is a really rare species 😉👍.

Have a great next week and do not forget to ask 44 questions, when you have some idle time:

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