5. Oct, 2017

Two perspectives: Change Management

Photo taken in Berlin in the permanent exhibition “Unveiled. Berlin and its Monuments” (http://www.zitadelle-berlin.de/en/museengalerien/unveiled/).

Yesterday evening I had the opportunity to join an event in the COWOKI in Cologne (https://www.cowoki.de/) a newly opened co-working space with a childcare offering for parents. Topic of the evening was Change Management, provided in two very different perspectives.

Oliver Kirchhof (http://diecoachingwerkstatt.de/) kicked it off with a pretty simple 3-zone model, making it a real life experience for the audience. If you just use your left instead of the common right hand for the typical German Shake Hands Welcome and Introduction habit, you will be surprised about your and your partner's reaction. Small changes just make a difference. More details about the model below (some examples I found today):

The second perspectice to change management was offered by Minka Frackenpohl with her presentation about Workplace Change Management (https://minkafrackenpohl.de/). Her architectural background explains, where she is coming from and why her focus is on office space design and changes, to make companies and their employees happy. For the English speaking audience some related links that cover the topic from yesterday pretty well:

Success isn't always about greatness. It's about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come. Dwayne Johnson, American - Actor Born: May 2, 1972

Two more links to close for today: