7. Oct, 2017

Asking 44 questions Part 2 ...


In Part 2 of the 44 questions activity I will take a more easy approach and just translate some questions from the Rolf Dobelli (http://www.dobelli.com/en/person/) book "Fragen an das Leben = Questions to life". In his book from 2014 he did collect questions under different headlines. I will just collect 44 good questions (my personal preference) and mention the headlines with them. Then you are next to ask your own 44 questions, if you have not done it already anyway 😉.

  1. [Luck] Would the world be fairer if lucky ones had to pay a tax on their fortune?
  2. Suppose you can go over water, which way would you go?
  3. [Life strategy] So many opportunities in life. Would you take them more seriously if there were less?
  4. Are there signposts blocking your way?
  5. [Money] Would you breathe less if air had a price?
  6. Would you rather be a rich beggar or a poor prince?
  7. [Age] Do you believe in a correlation between age and maturity?
  8. Does your shadow increase or decrease with your age?
  9. [Life] Do you like your name?
  10. Do you have trouble sleeping through the day?
  11. Do you easily come in conversation with animals?
  12. [The Others] Which hands would you never shake?
  13. For what would people praise your generation in 100 years?
  14. Are you glad that you do not know everything others think about you?
  15. [Thoughts] How much money is needed at least to think independently?
  16. Under the shower often come the best ideas. Where do you have the worst ideas?
  17. What thoughts would you never think?
  18. [The words] Why is it so complicated to simply express yourself?
  19. What do you hide from yourself?
  20. How well can you say anything when there is nothing to say?
  21. [Think] Would you rather prefer to have deeper or more original thoughts?
  22. Are there ideas that you do not like, although they are good?
  23. [Friends] Are you the best friend of your best friend?
  24. What do you find more, exciting friends or exciting enemies?
  25. [Education] To whom would you like to grant your education?
  26. Which things would you have understood more easily when they had not been explained to you?
  27. How do you learn the oblivion?
  28. [Job] Do you think flowers should have the right for a 35 hour work week?
  29. How much staff do you need to run and maintain your castle in the air?
  30. [Fail] What do you prefer? Rather an end with scare or a beginning with scare?
  31. Do you evaluate the fact that you exist already as success?
  32. [Career] How long has the summit of your career blocked the view on your life?
  33. Would you be less creative when there would be a tax on ingenuity?
  34. [Letters] Would you prefer to read faster or more accurate?
  35. How do you express something for which there is no expression?
  36. [Truth] Do you rather prefer to have many small hopes or one big hope?
  37. How many small truths does it need at least, to maintain a great illusion?
  38. [Soul] Would you call yourself as capable manager of your feelings?
  39. Are you a good host for your soul?
  40. [Status] A picture with yourself and which person would deliver you the best status?
  41. Do you feel sad that you will loose your frequent flyer status when you are dead?
  42. [Enjoyment of life] Are there books to which you owe your good fortune?
  43. Which are the main strategies with which you sabotage your happiness?
  44. [Health] Would you rather prefer be healthier or happier?

To be continued ... 😀👍🙃

Ignorant men raise questions that wise men answered a thousand years ago. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, German - Poet August 28, 1749 - March 22, 1832

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