8. Oct, 2017

My week fourty five (*) summary.

If you ask yourself why I posted the story from yesterday "Asking 44 questions Part 2", just take it as motivation to start asking questions, when you have some idle time. This will improve your idea fitness by just doing some regular practice, like in sports. If you do not understand it or don't like it, nothing to worry about - just read another post 😉. Since yesterday I had ~150 readers, if just 5% had been motivated to ask 44 questions or a little bit less, we are talking about ~300 questions. Not a bad result.

I had a busy and interesting last week. The test of the recruiting platform tool is making good progress and offering some surprising new insights. But the price is just too high for the to be expected benefits and needs some negotiation or creative reduction ideas. Working on it.

The 2nd interview of my 1st candidate did go really well and he will hopefully sign his new contract next week. Another candidate will have a Skype interview in the coming week and I possibly can introduce my first technical expert in the same week. For technical experts the "War for talent" is not just a headline in any magazine, it is definitely reality!! The biggest challenge is to find alternative ideas and approaches to technical experts, so that you are the only right placement advisor and not together with 50+ others, "fishing in the same pond".

I wish you a great week with some idle time for asking 44 questions. Do not forget to have a look at my alternative platforms, if you are interested:

Youtube:   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBpm5xNdZakdt8nhKEZCZ_Q?view_as=public 

And finally just 214 readers to go to reach 20.000 in total, keep the competition in mind!!!