15. Oct, 2017

The week fourty four (*) highlights.

Another great week for me, especially with the #20.000 overall reader celebration 🙃. Now we are at 20.456 already. Thanks guys!!

I finished the test of the recruiting platform tool, but could not come to a financial agreement with the sales representative. He was not very flexible for a single license and not willing to accept one of my alternative financing proposals. Maybe next time next year, we will see. Until then I will proceed with my current process/approach and the constraints I am facing with my XING and LinkedIn accounts.

Besides the Manager IT Consulting role and the Oracle JAVA and APEX developers, consultants or architects, I am now looking for a SAP SD consultant with a logistics and ABAP/4 background. So if you are interested, have a colleague or friend who might be interested and is fluent in German, let me know. Thanks a lot in advance. Next week I will have a discussion with a new customer about additional roles to be staffed short-term. Busy times coming up 😉👍.

The parents-teacher-student workshop yesterday was a really great experience as all people confirmed in the final feedback round. With 60+ participants we did really create a lot of good results in 6 hours. It is always interesting to see, how a large group like this can work out this kind of value with a very general start (the 5 focus areas I mentioned yesterday) and some nearly invisible influence of the moderator team. First we did go into more details for the 5 focus areas at tables of five people, always with minimum one teacher, parents or student representative per table.

In the second round of the workshop teacher, parents and students could propose topics to be discussed in larger groups with all people interested. I wanted to get my MINT (STEM) and better IT support topics covered, but it is always difficult to find the right attempt for the audience, to finally get what you want. Finding the right balance between a too defensive or a too offensive approach is the trick to be successful 😎. One of the new teachers of the school proposed the digitization topic, what covered MINT and IT support and the school director was in our team, so all went really fine. Now we just have to take the results and make them reality in the next 12 month. Let's go for it.

Have a great next week and for idle time some interesting links:

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