22. Oct, 2017

My week fourty three (*) summary.

Just a quick reminder to start with: With opening my own business in Aug-17 I started to count the weeks backwards. This is why you always see the (*) behind the week number. And do not forget to participate in the - come as close as possible to the #22,222 counter picture competition - just 1,187 readers to go!!

A busy and successful week this week. My 1st candidate signed his new contract and I could finally charge my first invoice. A really good feeling. One of my other candidates was invited for the 2nd interview next week and I got really positive feedback about the first round. I tried to propose a different kind of candidate (not the standard, obvious choice) and was right with doing it. This will broaden the list of potential candidates for the future and offer some new options with it. Right placement 4.x, go where nobody else is going, show new opportunities and offer surprises 😉. Best will be a smart combination of the old and the new approach and a lot of LUCK --> to address the right guy at the right place on the right media currently looking for a new job. Definitely not easy 😎.

And I got positive feedback from the candidate changing jobs now about the care and support he got from me during our common journey, from the first contact until he signed the contract. Something you are happy to hear and that confirms the approach you are taking.

Next week Tuesday I will be in Frankfurt for the already mentioned one day event about Digital Transformation. I will support my outplacement company with some feedback about their new "Next Level" project (how to still support former candidates when they started a new job) and will participate in a half day workshop around Change Management and NewWork organizations on Friday. Will all be interesting stuff and I am looking forward to the new influences and insights I will be getting.

If you are currently looking for a new job, here some ideas to look at:

Good luck is when opportunity meets preparation, while bad luck is when lack of preparation meets reality. Eliyahu Goldratt, Israeli - Businessman March 31, 1947 - June 11, 2011,  https://www.tocinstitute.org/eliyahu-goldratt.html