25. Oct, 2017

Short summary of the Dell EMC 2017 Forum in Frankfurt

I will focus on the general information and take out the marketing part, mentioning the two names in the headline for today should be sufficient 😎. After the general introduction of the sales team, we had two keynote speakers and a discussion round about digital transformation projects in the morning. In the afternoon there had been four breakout sessions with different topics (IT, Workforce and Digital Transformation plus Cloud strategy). Some key statements from the morning session:

  • The average human attention span is going down in the last years. Currently it is at 8 seconds, what is shorter than the attention span of a gold fish
  • 90% of all IT data of our world have been produced in last 2 years
  • "Technology has always been about enabling human potential" - Michael Dell
  • The need for MINT (STEM) capabilities is increasing dramatically
  • To make any digital transformation successful you need to involve employees as early as possible. Voluntary projects work well
  • You need to come up with new and creative ideas, how to change your current business model --> a railway company for example could proceed to transport commuters back and forth for 90 minutes one direction every day, or offer co-working spaces with a great internet connection directly in the railway station for a similar price as the ticket. Adds 180 minutes working time every day.

One of the keynote speakers was Boris Grundl (http://www.grundl-akademie.de/english-profile/), a leadership trainer and professional speaker. He is the guy in the wheelchair on the photo. A great guy with an impressive story and he even has a TED talk about How you become the best you can be at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXcXqCLdBjM&t, judge on your own.

Finally some statements from the afternoon breakout sessions, I did focus on Workforce and Digital Transformation:

  • If you would translate the technical development of the computer and IT industry in the last 20 years to the airplane industry, you could fly from Europe to New York in 1 second for 1 US$, a really impressive picture
  • To be ready for the digital transformation you need to have a digital ecosystem with:
    • A flexible and agile approach
    • smart data based, with big data analytics
    • scalable and cloud based
    • automated end-to-end processes as mobile solution
    • connect and integrate external services
    • regular check and feedback sessions with the customers
  • pay per use models, using instead of owning solutions
  • Pivotal (https://pivotal.io/) was giving a short presentation about their approach with:
    • Making good companies great
    • Using extreme programming with rapid iterations
    • Based on best practices, constant code reviews and paired programming
    • test driven development, build - measure - learn in weekly cycles
    • always ready, never done
    • customers are invited to Pivotal sites for programming

“You have power over your mind―not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.”  ― Marcus Aurelius