27. Oct, 2017

How modern needs to be a new offer?

The new offer of my outplacement company will be an electronic magazine as presented Wednesday evening. It should be available on a monthly basis with a lot of added value content for the current clients and the growing alumni community. Articles related to HR and recruiting topics, some technical content like digital transformation, AI and robotics, maybe some best practices sharing and guest comments from either the client or alumni side. High quality for the readers to really make a difference, what is definitely required as we are all overloaded by average quality information the whole day.

Really a high intention, but time will show if they can deliver on a monthly basis. For me personally I am not sure, if a magazine is the right approach in the year 2017, but I might be wrong? My second concern is to really deliver high quality and the right HR and technical content, to excite and engage the reader audience. We will see.

This afternoon I will be joining the "NewWork Organization" workshop. I will post a summary later.