28. Oct, 2017

The NewWork Organization workshop ...

As promised here the short summary of the workshop from Friday, hosted by Ralf Janssen from Kompano (see his framework at https://www.kompano.de/framework/, sorry only in German still). I met him the first time back in September and did a post on 14-Sep-17 about his approach for evolutionary companies with self-guiding teams  http://www.rethinkandfocus.com/429718297/5139416/posting/change-concepts-in-the-time-of-paradigm-shifts.

The workshop was taking place in the STARTPLATZ Duesseldorf (http://www.startplatz.de/en/locations/), a co-working space for startups and event location. During the three hours workshop Ralf was guiding the audience through parts of his framework in a combination of small group activities and presentation mode. Latest by the 1st quarter of 2018 his framework should be available in English language as well, as we will give a presentation about it at an international conference.

First we started with the three basic circles, Core, Governance and Operations:

  • Core: Self-conception of the corporate culture, the purpose, values and principles --> the company identity
  • Governance: How do we want to work together, processes and concepts
  • Operations: Organizes the provision of services in the daily working life, based on the principles of self-organization and self-management

Next we discussed the four development areas for people and their organization and how they would be seen by outside observers. What is visible and what is invisible?

  • Attitude is invisible - process is visible, behavior too
    • Doing area: covers the observable activities of the employees
    • Organization area: the visible structures, processes and methods of the organization
    • Being area: the invisible values, beliefs and attitude of the employees
    • Culture area: this is the invisible foundation of the organization
  • Visible areas can be influenced directly, invisible ones only indirectly

Finally the basic principles for the emergence of an evolutionary organization:

  • Trust
  • Transparency
  • Co-creativity
  • Respect / esteem

The workshop finished with the so called Isosceles triangle experiment for self-guiding teams, an interesting and very impressive experience, to see and feel the advantages of self-guiding teams   http://agiletips.blogspot.de/2011/10/facilitation-exercise-triangle-forming.html 

A great workshop and a more detailed way to get a much better understanding of the Kompano Framework. 3 hours well spend.