29. Oct, 2017

The week fourty two (*) highlights.

Another week passed by and there are only 440 readers left to reach the next celebration mark of 22.222 overall readers for my BLOG. As you can see on the graph on the left the last 5 week average number of readers per week was 721. A great success and appreciation, as I started with 80+ readers per week 👍.

Another big THANK YOU to my readers and a great motivation for me 🤩.

Last Sunday I mentioned LUCKto address the right guy at the right place on the right media currently looking for a new job - something I can confirm today. Just yesterday I found a new candidate on the XING platform, who is actively looking for a job and seems to fit perfectly to one of the positions I am currently staffing. Coincidentally I had seen his message in one of the interest groups that he is open for a new opportunity. I will have a 1st phone interview with him tomorrow.

Next week will be a very special week, as Tuesday 31-Oct-2017 will be an all Germany bank holiday for the 1st time that I am aware of, due to the 500 year anniversary of the Reformation Day (https://www.timeanddate.com/holidays/germany/reformation-day). So two day off in a row, as 01-Nov-2017 is a Germany bank holiday anyway.

I have planned some more interviews for next week and can hopefully introduce 1 or 2 new candidates to the recruiting companies I am currently working for. We will see.

As I will have a mostly relaxing next week due to the bank holidays, I wish the same to you, even when you are not living in Germany. Some interesting material below:

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See you there 🙃👍.