3. Nov, 2017

Longtime friendship ...

A lot of stuff is happening this week, luckily I already managed to deliver two candidates to the hiring companies as planned. We had the two German bank holidays, my BLOG passed the #22.222 overall reader number and yesterday I had my 55th birthday celebration. A whole day full of surprises 😀.

In the morning it started with a nice breakfast in a Cafe near by and as the 1st surprise of the day my friend from Scotland and his wife joined us there. My wife and friend managed to organize this visit in a nearly 12 month preparation phase, completely hidden for me. Well done.

We are friends since 43 years now and it all started back in the early school days, when my English teacher asked one day, if somebody would be interested in a pen friend in the UK. I got one guy from Scotland not England, what is a key difference to remember at all times!! For us, we just realize a difference in the language pronunciation and usage, but for them it is a long history and still present every day. Especially after the latest Scotland indepencence and BREXIT votes in the UK (https://www.quora.com/What-are-the-differences-between-English-and-Scottish-cultures).  

A “True” friendship - The friendship of virtue - according to Aristotle's definition (http://bigthink.com/scotty-hendricks/do-you-have-true-friendships-why-aristotle-thinks-you-dont?). We together have seen 4 kids growing and are both in the 2nd marriage. You can experience a lot in 43 years, together and separately. In the beginning we did still write and send letters back and forth, in the meantime we are at the email, text message and Facebook level, what does not really make a difference!! A great friendship that we can both be proud of and are 😉.

Next surprise was the dinner invitation, as I did not know which restaurant we would be going to and who would be there? When we came into the restaurant my sisters and parents had been there already and we all had a great evening with Italian food and drinks together. Sometimes it is really nice when something is just happening and you have not been involved in the preparation work and planning. Be open for surprises.

The secret to humor is surprise. Aristotle, Greek - Philosopher 384 BC - 322 BC

Surprise is the greatest gift which life can grant us. Boris Pasternak, Russian - Novelist February 10, 1890 - May 30, 1960