4. Nov, 2017

Are individual solutions better?

Yesterday we have been to a food truck festival (http://www.foodtruck-event.de/) in a small village close by. Different looking food trucks, offering different food tastes and styles, even vegetarian options. A growing trend to provide as much as possible individual solutions to the visitors and customers. Definitely in opposite to the "standard" solutions you normally get.

What brings me to a similar comparison on the technical level, where you have the highly protected Apple i-everything world on the one side and the wide open and individual mobile phone hardware Google Android world on the other side. I personally have no preference for the one or the other solution, as I am using an Ubuntu Touch phone (https://ubports.com/). 

From the technical history and economical success so far you could assume the protected solutions are more successful? Like Apple is going to be the first 1-trillion US$ company shortly (https://www.reuters.com/article/us-apple-iphone-trillion/apple-will-a-1000-phone-deliver-a-1-trillion-company-idUSKCN1BN346). BUT how much of this is really related to a technical advantage in comparison to great marketing and a hyped product? Good question and you will not get a consistent answer 😉.

Anyway, when you follow Apple --> Microsoft --> Google --> Linux --> Open Source --> XXX for example, the solutions are getting more and more individual, but who cares if this is really good or bad, successful or just "special". Maybe the latest Fortune Future 50 list (the new ranking of companies best positioned for breakout growth) can give some indication  http://fortune.com/future-50/, where the future development is going, driven by the strategy departments of these companies? Have a look and decide on your own 👍.

And we still should not underestimate the power, motivation and willingness of the end customer, the individual, to select the best solution for their personal use case. And this can change from time to time 🙂. A good example are the latest changes in the internal Saudi Arabia politic, see http://fortune.com/2017/09/26/saudi-arabia-women-driving/.

I got the idea for this post during my morning shower today, cool how you can come from a food truck festival to Saudia Arabia women driving in 5 paragraphs. Be creative and connect loose ends in an unexpected manner 🙃.

You have to take risks. We will only understand the miracle of life fully when we allow the unexpected to happen. Paulo Coelho, Brazilian - Novelist Born: August 24, 1947