5. Nov, 2017

My week fourty one (*) summary ...

A lot of celebrations this week. Passing the #22.222 overall reader counter, a new record for weekly readers --> 890, and my 55th birthday. I assume the coming week will be less hectic, but you never know 😎. 

Besides my daily right placement activities I expect to get some feedback about the two candidates I proposed last week. On Wednesday I will be joining the DWNRW 2017 event in Duesseldorf (http://www.dwnrwsummit.de/, sorry only in German) and Friday I will see my customer for a status update meeting.

One more comment related to the Saudi Arabia reference from yesterday. The country needs to change dramatically and quickly, due to the following reason - "Among Saudi Arabia’s 32 million people, an astonishing 60% are younger than 25. The official unemployment rate is about 12%, but the IMF estimates it’s more than double that for youth. For the government to keep that next generation from leaving Saudi Arabia—or revolting against their rulers—they need to create millions of jobs in a vastly expanded private sector." - just today they started to clean up the political and economical environment for their future and to get rid of blocking points and old fashioned opinion leaders. Find more details at http://fortune.com/tag/saudi-arabia/. Might not be according to our basic democratic understanding, but they are not there yet.

Have a great and productive next week and celebrate small successes, when happening.

Celebrate what you want to see more of. Tom Peters, American - Businessman Born: November 7, 1942