9. Nov, 2017

#DWNRW 2017 summary - Part I

Great experience at the #DWNRW 2017 yesterday, a good way to get up to speed about what is going on in North Rhine Westphalia (NRW) with respect to the Digital economy. Even the location was really impressive, see http://www.boui-boui-bilk.de/ 👍

As usual these kind of events are opened by politicians, because they want to be associated with new technology and trendy stuff (no prejudice, but they own the money). So we had the NRW Minister of Economy and the Mayor of Duesseldorf. Then we finally started with the content (all speakers are at http://www.dwnrwsummit.de/programm/speaker/) and the day was kicked off my Jens Redmer https://www.linkedin.com/in/jensredmer/, Director Business Development Google EMEA. His best statements summarized and quoted below:

  • We live ONLINE in the meantime, Mobile has taken the lead
  • No innovation lab is required, we need innovation in every employee
  • Toothbrush test: Only if the usage of a product is requested several times per day, it makes sense to offer it to the customers 
  • Due to the shortage of talent, get new employees with promising skills even before projects are defined
  • Embrace change, status quo is no option
  • Digital organization in 2017 - marketing, sales and IT need to be together in one Digital Market Unit
  • Break rules, question existing rules and status quo
  • See change as opportunity and not as challenge

Next was Ricarda Wagner with her Mission to Mars presentation about the status of the digitization in Germany:

To be continued ... 😎🙃😉