10. Nov, 2017

#DWNRW 2017 summary - Part II

I hope you did enjoy Part I of the #DWNRW 2017 summary already and will find a similar benefit in Part II for you now.

Let's proceed with Tim Mois the Co-Founder of sipgate GmbH (https://www.sipgate.io/en), not a typical company, offering cloud based digital telephony products. Some of their key messages below:

  • In 1998 their issues was just to realize, what they WANTED
  • In 2009 with much more employees their issue was to be ABLE to realize, what they wanted
  • They where looking for already available theories, like Agile and Scrum
  • And ended up using the Toyota Production System (https://www.lean.org/lexicon/toyota-production-system)
  • Here 6 of their 24 work hacks (http://www.sipgateblog.de/24-work-hacks-the-first-sipgate-book/)
    • Breakfast together
    • The restaurant as the center of their work
    • Peer recruiting
    • Pair programming and even pair working in the meantime
    • Training and education for everybody, the responsibility for selection and realization is with every employee
    • Full transparency of all company data, 150 pages are distributed every month

Agile42 (https://www.agile42.com/en/) did support the sipgate change between 1998 and 2009 to a completely self managed company. Key statements:

  • Employees set their own salary
  • Don't copy the tools, copy principles, W. Edwards Deming, American - Scientist October 14, 1900 - December 20, 1993, https://www.brainyquote.com/authors/w_edwards_deming
  • Validate change in small increments, don't focus on standardization before stabilization
  • Focus on validation of result/value delivery not the employee utilization
  • Opportunity canvas, focus on customer value
  • Culture is the set of behaviors that have been established and accepted by the organization
  • Make culture explicit, agree where you stand and where you want to go to
  • Use story telling and role modeling --> Ritualization

The Metro (https://archiv.metrogroup.de/en/) presentation did offer a different point of view, as their Cash and Carry business is not immediately related to a digital world:

  • Digital services https://www.metroaccelerator.com/
  • "What do we want to be in the hearts and minds of our customers?"
  • The Hospitality Sector is offreing great potential for digitization
  • The new Purpose: Champion for independent business
  • The new Goal: A modern Multi-Channel Wholesale
  • Offer global technical platforms that allow and promote local entrepreneurship
  • Digital solutions based on open source
  • Cooperate with digital startusp to provide value https://nx-food.com/
  • They are changing their mindset: to digital tools, agile and scrum methods, a need for speed, going after the same developers as Google and working on a digital ecosystem with big data

Stephan Noller from ubirch GmbH (https://www.ubirch.com/) created awareness for the need to ensure that IoT data are trustworthy and secure, what is definitely not the case so far!!

  • The basis is a trusted infrastructure for IoT (Internet of Things)
  • Make use of the "Secure communications over insecure channelshttps://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=359473 
  • Monitor critical infrastructure in a legally save way
  • Guarantee Fraud-proof sensor data for new business models and digital services (e.g. a fork-lift truck with a pay per lift service)

Finally some thoughts from Torsten Jensen  (https://www.linkedin.com/in/torstenjensen/) about the required Startup founder DNA:

  • Being a Founder is an attitude thing
  • Fail fast - fail often, try as long as needed --> persistence
  • Preserve the enthusiasm of the first hour
  • Maintain curiosity about the future
  • Have a vision (Larry Page), Digital Leadership (Steve Jobs), Culture (Hastings, Netflix), failure culture (Zuckerberg), Speed --> done is better than perfect, customer centricity (Bill Gates), family, simplicity, walk the talk - actions speak louder than words
  • Think what is the most amazing way to do something, Richard Branson

The Startup battle (out of 12 companies) winner was Cryptomator (https://cryptomator.org/) over FoxBase (https://www.foxbase.de/), great pitch - well done.

A great event, worth spending the day. Looking forward to #DWNRW 2018 ...