12. Nov, 2017

The week fourty (*) highlights

A busy week as always with a lot of other activites besides the #DWNRW 2017 visit. My 1st invoice had been paid, great and much earlier than initially planned. When I can proceed like this there is nothing to complain about. I met one of my customers Friday and got very good feedback about my work so far. Always good to hear this and additional motivation for the next tasks and assignments. 

I still need a lot of SAP, ERP, Java, JEE, PL/SQL, APEX, Oracle DB and Software Engineering Experts, Developers, Consultants and Architects for several roles and customers in different cities in Germany. All positions are open for fluent German speakers. So if you are interested, or have colleagues, family members or friends, who might be interested, just let me know. Thanks a lot in advance. 

Monday evening I will be joining a Meetup (https://www.meetup.com/) in Cologne about the JTBD Theory (https://jobs-to-be-done.com/), a new innovation approach that works well with the digital transformation of business models and services. Besides that finding more SAP and Java candidates.

Have a great week and be open for surprises and new ideas. Below my favorite link from my other social media activities: