17. Nov, 2017

Is the customer always right?

YES and NO, depending who you ask 🙂. One of my candidates was rejected today, because his German skills are not as good as the one of a native speaker (his great technical skills did not even count). No surprise as he is not a German citizen, but did learn a really good German (speaking, understanding and writing) in the last two years only. There are a lot of native Germans (20+ years old) with worse language skills, but this is a different story 😙.

So coming back to the "Is the customer always right?" question. If you are a midsize company offering your IT consulting services to primarily midsize company customers, speaking good German is definitely a prerequisite, no doubt about this one!! Even more, when you have an employer market with 100 great applicants for one job. We are still in Germany, but the job market did dramatically change in the last 5 years, especially in technical areas like e.g. SAP, ABAP, general software development and Java programming. Now 100 employers are fighting to get one good candidate --> "The War for Talent", and the candidates are fully aware of this situation.

From my experience so far as right placement advisor I can say that you will only motivate a good technical candidate to change jobs, when you talk to the right guy - at the right time - about the right opportunity, and do not expect a lot of flexibility with respect to work location. Moving to another city or even German federal state for a new job is just not common anymore.

Given this background above, rejecting a technical expert, because of a lack of language skills, is still the fundamental right of the customer, but it might be a little bit short-sighted with respect to the longterm planning of their recruiting pipeline? We will see how this goes in the coming month.

Below a good article related to this topic, covering the 4 recruiting trends to watch in 2018    https://www.hrdive.com/news/4-recruiting-trends-to-watch-in-2018/506862/

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Quick heads up for the upcoming holiday season: In the time of late December 2017 to early January 2018 I will be giving daily career advice and coaching in the online version of a well known IT newspaper in Germany, as representative for the right placement advisor company I am partnering with. More details to be shared soon 👍.