26. Nov, 2017

About the week thirty eight (*) highlights

Main focus in the last week was to send out reminder emails to people I did contact as potential candidates in the last 3 month for the positions I am staffing. Out of the 1,000+ people more than 70% did not answer so far out of different reasons:

  • Too many headhunters are offering them new positions
  • They just did not see my initial contact email or request
  • They were not ready for a change or just not interested to answer
  • XING or LinkedIn is not their media for these kind of contacts
  • Their profile is not updated and the email or contact request is going nowhere
  • Any other excuse ...

Anyway, in order to make a better use of the potential candidates I did already select in the 1st attempt, I contact them for a 2nd time. Looking forward to the outcome, so far the feedback is better than expected.

Next week I will be proceeding with the reminder emails, 600+ to go and due to the XING restrictions I cannot do more than 40 - 50 per day. Besides that I will be joining another Innovation Meetup in Cologne tomorrow about Beyond Design Thinking – The next Level of Innovation.

In the meantime I did get a 1st feedback from the school of my daughter about my Digital Transformation Coaching proposal. Schools and teachers are always busy, too much work and events in their pipeline, difficult to get any free time from them for additional activities. But we will arrange a first meeting in the next weeks, to prepare a lunchtime offer for the students around digitization. Will keep you posted, when I have more details.

Thursday I will have a meeting with one of my customers to discuss a new large project, with 40+ people to be staffed. We will definitely need some alternative recruiting ideas/approaches to make this happen in a pretty short timeframe. Will be interesting to see, how a right placement company and a customer are finding a Win-Win solution that will be acceptable and beneficial for both sides?

For next week I am planning some posts about:

Have a great, productive, interesting and surprising week.

To be innovative, we can't look to what others have done. The whole idea of blazing a path is that there was no path there before. -- Simon Sinekhttps://startwithwhy.com/simon-sinek/

P.S.: Thanks a lot for 25,000 overall readers so far, feels great 😉😙🙃👍