29. Nov, 2017

Meetup summary: Design driven innovation - Roberto Verganti

The Meetup session was supposed to be a short 4 hours Crash Course for a workshop that normally takes minimum 2 days. This makes it really difficult to write a summary that does justice to the topic. So I will just focus on the key statements for me.

Starting with the photo on the top, we had to come up with our personal feelings and associations to it in the next row. On average 70% of the findings are positive, what builds the basis for the next step. For each selected positive word ask 5 times WHY (https://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/newTMC_5W.htm). Try to integrate always two columns below one headline. Then do the same integration step with the columns of your coworkers to your left and right, to make it a team effort and result.

By using an Envisioning Template you take the photo with it's existing meaning and formulate a new meaning and separately a new solution and experience, as basis for further discussion. Think about the following during this process:

  • Why customers would love it? (your new innovation/idea/solution/experience)
  • What would I love people to love ...?
  • I would love a (solution) that enables me to (experience) because (meaning ...)
  • The words you are using and selecting should be positive

Next step is to discuss the result with a partner --> Criticism enables us to dig deeper, confront our hypothesis with the hypotheses of others. When you have agreement or the total number of proposals reduced to a small number, you can start to involve external interpreters --> experts or celebrities in the focus area of the innovation, who can say something about your new meaning. After the feedback has been listened to or even implemented, you can test the new solution with customers for the first time.

Really a very high level summary this time, but I could not find a good overview picture or workflow. Below some supporting material to dig deeper:

I will provide a list of mentioned books later this week.