6. Dec, 2017

Advent Calendars everywhere ...

Thanks to the http://www.actionforhappiness.org/  website for providing the nice picture that perfectly fits to the headline. If you are still missing your own calendar, as you did not get one as marketing gift, from your colleagues, family or friends, just make your own one. Still some days to go and the internet is full of good ideas, just some examples  http://www.countryliving.com/diy-crafts/tips/g2151/advent-calendars/

A good day today, as one of my candidates will be invited for a 1st phone interview next week. I have some more good guys in the pipeline, but really making the final decision - to take action to change a job - seems to be very difficult and requires some more patience on my side 😙. Will do my best to stop being a pain in the neck.

With respect to the Advent Calendar theme, some good material below for your next days. Take just one every day!!

The truth is that our way of celebrating the Christmas season does spring from myriad cultures and sources, from St. Nicholas to Coca-Cola advertising campaigns. Richard Roeper, American - Critic Born: August 1, 1960                  http://www.stnicholascenter.org/pages/who-is-st-nicholas/