10. Dec, 2017

My quick week thirty six (*) summary

Another week passed by and a lot of stuff has been accomplished. 40+ contact requests and 110+ reminder emails to already existing people in my tracking sheet. Sometimes a 2nd or 3rd reminder is required to get any reaction. For some people even this is not enough, so they have to be taken off the list sooner or later.

Next week will be busy as I am expecting to introduce 4 new candidates to two different customers, 2 each. One interview has been done already, another three are scheduled Monday and Tuesday, one is even F2F, as the candidate is living in a small town close by.

Besides that another #JTBD (Jobs To Be Done) Meetup in Cologne tomorrow evening. A follow up to the one on 13-Nov-17 (see my Post from 14-Nov-17  http://www.rethinkandfocus.com/429718297/5302761/posting/innovation-theories). 

Some more innovation stuff below, have a look if you find some spare time. Especially the TED video is really worth watching 🙂👍:

Use state-of-the-heart technology online and offline to turn listeners into viral advocates and customers into raving fans. Peter Guber, American - Producer Born: March 1, 1942