12. Dec, 2017

#JTBD (Jobs to be done) Meetup Part II

With respect to the picture, we had during two days more snow this year than we had in the last five years together. But as every year, Christmas will possibly be green again 😉. We will see.

Yesterday evening I participated in the 2nd #JTBD Meetup and it was interesting and fun again, like the 1st time. This time the main focus was the customer interview and how to approach it. In order to get clarity about uncovered (unsatisfied) needs of the customer.

  • Don't use closed questions
  • Formulate assumptions as a question
  • Take a systematic approach, working your way from the unconscious to the conscious
  • Record the interview
  • Do a methodical evaluation in a small team, to get a quality result

Some supporting material below:

You can get the JTBD interview cards here for example      http://digitaljobstobedone.com/jtbd-cards/ or a German version via the https://jtbd.de/ link. Up to you 😉.

P.S.: The Meetup was LIVE on Facebook yesterday, you can find the video here, if you are interested (only in German). Thanks to Alexander, Peter, Eckhart and the guy behind the camera. a job very well done 👍🤩👍.                            https://www.facebook.com/Oberwasserconsulting/videos/1080646222075308/?hc_ref=ARQl5VqGTMj82ECl8rPVh2_Pl6EG0qCyug_xov8pgG1JSwxrZAh5aRTGZG3KD2-0Kxo&fref=gs&dti=1888236324536271&hc_location=group