27. Dec, 2017

The time between the holidays ...

Once again, thanks a lot to Tanmay Vora for his perfect Sketchnotes Project  (see http://qaspire.com/). You can always find great pictures (like the one from today) in his SketchBlog and some good supporting material coming with it (http://qaspire.com/2016/08/15/learning-experience-plus-reflection/).

Unbelievable how quickly 365 days can pass by and we are in the time between Christmas and New Year's Eve again. For a lot of people the time to clean up and finish stuff from the current year and to get ready for the new one that is less than a week away. So kind of the ReThinkandFocus time of their year? Good for me that I did use the opportunity and freedom to extend this period of 4 - 5 days to 365 days 🙂, with my BLOG and other social media activities.

What I realized lately is the fact that it is becoming more and more difficult to get the attention of people and to even get a reaction to what you are doing. I am posting interesting material (as far as I see it 😉) in Facebook, Google+, XING and LinkedIn regularly, but I was surprised by the reaction I got for the following Samsung Transparent Truck video in LinkedIn:

20 Likes and 1 Comment until today, not bad. You really have to come up with simple stuff, great ideas, something nobody has seen so far --> you have to surprise the audience and yourself!!

My promise that I will proceed to surprise myself as basis to surprise you, my great audience for the coming posts. Enjoy your time between the holidays, get some rest and enough motivation to finish or clean up stuff.

One of the most important sentiments any leader can express to someone in their charge is: “I’ve got your back.” -- Simon Sinek