30. Dec, 2017

Taking an outside-in versus an inside-out view.

Early December we still had footprints in the snow, today we are close to Springtime temperatures and expect a lot of rain. Crazy weather conditions.

Just now there are only 1,011 readers to go until we reach the next remarkable total reader count of 30,000. Last week I had a new weekly reader record of 940 --> 50 more than the last high score. Possibly a little bit related to the holiday season and people having more time to read, but a great motivation and confirmation for my approach and content. THANK YOU GUYS.

Today's headline is a learning from my career advice activity so far (still on until 09-Jan-18). It is definitely much easier to recognize more or less obvious things about candidates you give advice to, than to do the same for yourself. We call this the behavioral blind spots (find a good description at http://coachmoty.com/newsletter/overcoming-our-blind-spots/, sorry not all links are properly maintained 😙, but you can find the Business Week article here http://malandro.com/download/discover-your-leadership-blind-spots-business-week-article/). 

The best way to overcome these blind spots is to ask for feedback and talk about it to your partner, family, friends or colleagues. If you have a good match with them fine, if you have disagreement or a mismatch, even better and a real opportunity to work on your blind spots 👍. Everybody should have a friend, a mentor, a coach or a career advisor!! Asking for help is no weakness, it is a strength --> give it a try and learn about yourself.

Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them. Dalai Lama 😉

I wish you all an exciting and surprising year 2018, have fun and enjoy your New Year's Eve celebrations.