3. Jan, 2018

How ideas for posts are created ...

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How are ideas created for posts? Good question and it is different every time. Just today I wanted to write my 1st longer post in 2018 and was thinking about a good topic. During the day I did share several articles in Facebook, LinkedIn, XING and Google+ and will select some of them for today's topic below. To finish the year 2017 the best World Economic Forum articles and a really funny story about statistics:

A great year 2017 now finished - for me personally I was really happy with it. Definitely some hard times and not so nice experiences during my job search, but with the decision to become self-employed and to kick it off as a right placement advisor - it was really getting much better. A lot of new stuff to learn and a different way of working and living. Now Work-Life Fusion instead of Work-Life Balance (thanks for Jurgen Appelo for bringing up this nice phrase, see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3YbOTtWpRg for example.

For the young new year 2018 some hints and basic learning material to start with:

And finally one of my favorite topics, 50+ guys looking for a new job, when everybody is talking about the "War for Talent" or the "Lack of skilled employees". A lot of companies are still complaining about an empty job market, and too many are ignoring the large community of the 50+ up to 65+ employees. Who have difficulties to get a new job, but are still requested to work for another 10+ years before their official retirement age. Crazy times and a lot of blind spots everywhere. Could be a great opportunity for right placement advisors? I will be looking into this topic during 2018. I found two great articles related to this topic, but both are in German language only, sorry for that 😙:

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