6. Jan, 2018

Value your own work ...

We are getting closer, only 227 readers to go to reach the next goal of #30,000 overall readers.

In order to extend the support of the government labor office for my own company, I had to fill in an application form (yes we are in Germany 🙂). Besides some basic data and a financials overview, I was requested to recap the last 5 month and to provide some supporting data, why it could make sense to proceed with the government assistance. Everybody should do this kind of review, just to value your own work - higher and more often!!

Just the high level numbers are surprising: I did contact 1,218 candidates, I did introduce 19 of them to a customer, 4/19 have a 1st time jobinterview in the next 2 weeks and 1/19 has already started his new job in December 2017. There is a lot of fun and amusement, pain and frustration, hard work and a lot of hours searching for candidates behind these numbers, BUT in the end you just remember the positive anyway 😉.

After scanning the following article 99 Totally Serious Ways To Create A Great Work Culture   https://journal.thriveglobal.com/99-totally-serious-ways-to-create-a-great-work-culture-e7d093bdad23, I quickly asked myself, what is my "culture" as a right placement advsior (headhunter) and am I different than other guys in the same profession?

Due to my experience from the last 18 month, being at both sides of the recruiting table, I would definitely say YES, but in the end my candidates and customers have to judge. I do my best to "steal with pride" from the good examples and role models and to avoid doing the same mistakes as the anti-role-models do it. End-to-end assistance and full service support for both, candidates and customers is my goal and I think I am on a good track in the moment. Will keep you posted, enjoy your weekend 😎🙃😙.