7. Jan, 2018

The week thirty two (*) highlights ...

Only 32 readers to go, we possibly have a winner today? 🙂

The week after the holidays was still a little bit quiet, but also successful and I was able to arrange another three 1st time interviews in the coming two weeks. These three are on top of the one happening tomorrow (it had to be moved for a week, due to illness of the candidate).

Sometimes you just have to be lucky. In one case I did remind a candidate about my invitation from some weeks ago. I got an immediate response with the information that the proposed city does not meet the requirements. I had two alternative positions from another customer in the city of choice and now the candidate has been accepted and a 1st interview is arranged. Would be great to have more of these moments 😋.

On Tuesday I will be joining the next meeting of the organization team of the 1st "Nacht der Technik Rhein-Wupper"   https://rhein-wupper.nacht-der-technik.de/, initiated by The Association of German Engineers (VDI http://www.vdi.eu/). As the small town I am living in is part of the target area and I am a member of the VDI, I did volunteer for the organization team. Will keep you posted about the progress we make.

Have a great week and do not forget to take a snapshot of the counter, as close as possible to the #30,000+, to win a price. GOOD LUCK !!

You've got to get to the stage in life where going for it is more important than winning or losing. Arthur Ashe, American - Athlete July 10, 1943 - February 6, 1993