10. Jan, 2018

Lifelong Learning, required skills, closing gaps ...

Thanks to https://pixabay.com/en/adult-education-book-books-know-2706977/ for another nice picture.

Yesterday I finished my holiday season career advice for the online IT newspaper (https://www.computerwoche.de/a/karriereratgeber-2017-18-michael-nuesser-hsc,3332229) and the last question was related to E-Learning webpages.

Before you take a training you better know, what is required to close any of your hard- or softskill gaps? And with all the stories around robots taking jobs and increasing A.I. capabilities, you better focus on the right SKILLS (just some hints):

When you know what you need, finding online training courses or communities is pretty simple, depending on your preferences and constraints. Some ideas below:

And some stuff for the German readers as well:

I wish you a good selection of courses and the freedom to spend some of your time for personal development and closing some skill gaps 😉.

Optimism is the ability to focus on where we're going, not where we're coming from. Simon Sinek