14. Jan, 2018

Summarizing a great week thirty one (*).

It all started with passing the #30,000 overall reader number and ended with setting a new high score for the number of weekly readers. 

One candidate had a good 1st interview and I could introduce another new one this week. Three will have their 1st interview next week. Looking good, but in the end only the additional money in my bank account is measurable success 😙.

Besides that I have been contacted by a new potential customer, contract has been initiated in the meantime, and got two new search orders assigned, a result of good work and trust in my approach. After 5 month into the agreement with my partner, he was very positive about my right placement activities and results so far. Always good to get some positive feedback 😉. And I could even support one of my colleagues with some of my 5 month experience and right placement approach insights this week. Sharing economy!!

On Tuesday my three weeks career advice period over the holiday period finished. I got only three questions, but as the Internet is not forgetting anything, it was definitely a good marketing approach and a nice learning experience for me. How to best share knowledge and get interested people up to speed 👍. 

Next week will have some busy evenings for me. Monday starts with the 3rd #JTBD Meetup in Cologne. Tuesday another Meetup "Silicon valley meets Germany", Wednesday a meeting in the school of my daughter and Thursday the Logata Trend Day - "Use the opportunities of digitization now" (Agenda only in German https://logata.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Agenda-Logata-TrendDay-2018.pdf). Looking forward to the different topics, will keep you posted.

Wish you all a great week and if you like Ray Dalio, some insights into his book Principles: