17. Jan, 2018

Another Meetup: What is PURPOSE ...

This time a great picture from Lynne Cazaly that perfectly meets the topic http://www.lynnecazaly.com.au/sketch-videos-lynne-cazaly/ 

Yesterday evening I had the great opportunity to join a Meetup about Purpose that was hosted by Eve Simon (https://www.inwibo.com/) and Ralf Janssen (https://www.kompano.de/framework/). Both are really active around the topic of Purpose and due to their background we had a combined USA and German way of seeing things.

The biggest challenge was the meaning of the word PURPOSE and how to best translate it into German language. I have an even bigger challenge now, to explain these different meanings back in English language, lucky me 😙.

As I don't believe in coincidences, let's start with what I found in my inbox this morning, the following playlist from TED  --> Talks to help you find your purpose  👍https://www.ted.com/playlists/313/talks_to_help_you_find_your_pu?utm_source=newsletter_daily&utm_campaign=daily&utm_medium=email&utm_content=playlist__2018-01-16playlist_button 

For native English speakers the meaning of PURPOSE should be clear, in German the translation is less related to "Sinn & Zweck", but more to "Anspruch", from people for people. Before Taylorism (https://www.britannica.com/topic/Taylorism) and the division of labor every worker for example did clearly understand the purpose of work, as she/he was end-to-end responsible. When you lose sight to the bigger picture - work is just a job (laying bricks), compared to the profession (building a church) or even the overall purpose (building the house of god). See Chip Conley with supporting ideas and material:

And Simon Sinek as well:

Some more links to finish with:

Great Meetup with interesting people and a topic that needs much more focus.