24. Jan, 2018

Elevator Pitch again ...

Thanks to Ron Morrain (http://www.beltabelgium.com/ron-morrain-using-mind-maps-efl-classroom) for the nice Mind Map related to the topic today. See also https://englishwithatwist.com/2016/05/12/business-skills-how-to-write-an-elevator-pitch-in-english-in-15-minutes/ 

Back on 10-Aug-2016 I covered the Elevator pitch topic for the first time. Just yesterday I found an interesting article about it, but this time not related to a personal introduction or as description of your unique selling point (USP). But related to The Memorable Elevator Pitch That VCs Can’t Ignore                                                        https://thinkgrowth.org/the-memorable-elevator-pitch-that-vcs-cant-ignore-7ffc313dbf40 

According to the "Steal with Pride" and "Copy and Transfer" paradigm, no real difference, if you use it for a person or a startup company.

Some more articles related to HR and Recruiting topics, interesting for candidates and companies:

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