28. Jan, 2018

My week twenty nine (*) summary

Another busy week is over and we are just 672 readers away from my next milestone, #33,333 overall readers of my BLOG. Just last week I had a new record high of weekly readers (962 in total), so please get your screen photo/capture tools ready to take a picture of the counter at the right time --> at 33,333 or as close as possible to this number. As always you can win a price, if you send the photo to my email address 👍. Looking forward to your emails 😉.

Besides that I still had 4 candidates in the race for a new job. 2 did successfully pass the 1st interview and have been invited for a 2nd one. But one of the two candidates did decide to take another offer, so there is one left. For the other two candidates, one was rejected and for the other one I am still waiting for the initial feedback. Hopefully I hear something in the coming week. I did contact 64 new potential candidates via XING and LinkedIn and did remind another 165, to give me feedback on my initial contact request and job proposal.

Especially the technical gurus in tight expertise areas like SAP, Java, Oracle DB and Software development in general seem to be fully overloaded with job offers. The challenge is to address the right person at the right time with the right offer in the time window, when they are looking at their XING or LinkedIn messages. Hard work and a good amount of luck is necessary, to always come up with new potential candidates. Last week I had three clarification interviews and could already introduce one new guy to my customer. For Monday I have another interview scheduled.

Next week will be full of interesting topics. I will fly to Hamburg (http://www.hamburg.com/)  on Wednesday to meet one of my customers. I will be introduced as their new key account manager. Always good to see customers face-to-face, to start a good relationship and to better understand their work environment, values, mission, vision and purpose. All kind of soft skill factors that count much more for people looking for a new job in the meantime. Money and position is OUT, purpose and impact is IN.

Thursday I am in Duesseldorf for the DIGITAL DEMO DAY, more than 60 VR / AR, drone, smart device, robotics, IoT and cyber security technology startups showcase their digital solutions and latest technologies (https://digihub.de/veranstaltungen/digitaldemoday). Will be a lot of fun and hopefully I can find some startups in my key areas of interest - right placement, digital transformation coaching and lifelong learning?

On Saturday a late breakfast meeting related to - MIT matinee on megatrends and digitization - and then Sunday night getting ready for Super Bowl 52 (https://www.nfl.com/super-bowl). I did already block my Monday morning on 05-Feb-18, to get some sleep after this mega event.  

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