2. Feb, 2018

Quick summary: Hamburg visit and Digital Demo Day

I am back from my two days on the road and give you a short summary today.

As already mentioned on the 31st, Hamburg had just too much rain and wind, but the plane and the public transport was on time, so I did arrive as planned. My customer is an IT Consulting company with key focus around SAP, Oracle and Microsoft solutions. Growing fast year over year and with an ongoing need for new talents in common technical areas that are targetted by a lot of other companies as well. So what is this company doing differently, to attract enough talent for their project needs and pipeline?  

  • Salary is necessary, but not everything
  • Due to a more regional focus of projects, the travel time and effort is reduced a lot. The old 4 days on the road 1 day in the office paradigm is history. Now consultants can sleep in their own bed every night (most of the time 😉)
  • A lot of time is available for technical training and career development for employees, the company is preparing an own academy right now
  • A flat organization structure
  • A very familiar and caring work environment with many regular team activities and events (sport, social, etc.)
  • And many more ...
  • And even the possibility to get a company bicycle instead of a car - ecological and sustainable 👍

Giving doesn’t mean that we don’t ask for help. Giving means that we ask for help so we can better give to others. Simon Sinek, e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0cgCFxL7Nvo 

Digital Demo Day did happen in postPost Grand Central, an old mail distribution center, now an event location (https://www.facebook.com/postpostddorf/). You can find all Exhibitors at the end of the webpage      https://digihub.de/veranstaltungen/digitaldemoday for more details. Some key messages below:

  • What is special/necessary for startups?
    • Correctly deal with setbacks
    • Understand the customer, collect customer feedback and incorporate it in every product improvement
    • Master the selling process
    • Be prepared for change, being self-employed is not a last resort
    • Believe in yourself
  • Some quotes:
    • "If You Want To Take The Island – Burn The Boat" initally related to Caesar, but now even used by Tony Robbins as example for real commitment  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nQqROlvbnk
    • "It does not depend on the skills we have, but what we make of it"
  • Dr. Alex von Frankenberg from High-Tech Gruenderfonds (HTGF) about the VC-Hype-Cycle:
    • https://high-tech-gruenderfonds.de/en/manager/dr-alex-von-frankenberg-2/
    • https://high-tech-gruenderfonds.de/en/#title
    • Finding the right startups for investment is like looking for the needle in a haystack
    • Since 2015 the initial values are increasing a lot and the number of foreign investors as well
    • There is an exponential growth of innovation
    • A new hype is Blockchain for managing rights and profiles in a decentral environment
    • In 10 years from now either Facebook is gone or running on Blockchain technology
    • The majority of the investors are midsize companies with a broad technical background
    • Related to the difference between Germany and the US:
      • Most hidden champions are in Germany
      • The most B2C leaders are still in the US - Google, Amazon, etc.
      • There is more motivation to TRY in US, there is less customer and government regulation

In summary a great event and good to see new ideas live and to talk to the Startup teams directly.

The goal is not to be perfect by the end. The goal is to be better today. Simon Sinek again