5. Feb, 2018

Retire or start all over again?

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Well another great Super Bowl game and the GOAT (Greatest of all Time) Tom Brady was just 3 seconds and a perfect catch in the endzone away from another turn around of a game in the last minute. BUT in Super Bowl 52 a lot of stuff was differently and the "standby quarterback" Nick Foles did throw three touch downs and did catch one on his own (https://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2018/2/5/16972668/super-bowl-52-nick-foles-touchdown-catch)  👍. Only one of several historical happenings last night.

Now it is Brady's turn to decide, if he will finally retire or start all over again for another Super Bowl, to win ring number six.

Sounds like decisions we have to make as well, just not in the NFL. Do you start something new or invest time and effort again in something you already know? You just have to find the right balance between investment and expected outcome to check, if it is worth the endeavour?

Nick Foles quote during Super Bowl week: On his newfound motivation since the birth of his daughter in June: "But now to be a father, that changes everything. It takes the pressure away because I get to go home to her every night, and no matter what happens, no matter if I play a horrible game, she loves me. She has no idea. We win the Super Bowl, she has no idea and she's going to love me no matter what."  https://www.thefamousbirthdays.com/people/nick-foles